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We offer the unique experience of rotating, interest-based clubs!



Make your own butter, boba tea, jam or even sushi! This popular club offers kids the opportunity to learn culinary skills and expand their horizons!


Clubs your kids will love!

We survey our members

What topics are kids currently interested in learning more about? What interests and skills do parents have? All of our members participate in coming up with ideas for a new semester of clubs!

A wide variety to choose from

Clubs will vary each quarter, but some of our favorites have been: Biztown, Lego Challenges, Filmmaking, Take Apart/Put Together, Superheros for Kids, Cooking Around the World, Fiber Arts, Dungeons and Dragons, Arduino Coding, and Gymnastics. We try to provide an active option each hour and a range of topics for kids to choose from.

Pick your favorites

Each student will enroll in two clubs per quarter and attend them from 1:30-2:30 and 2:30-3:30. Enrollment in clubs is first come, first served, and some clubs fill up fast!  Each club tends to have 6 to 12 students and two adults- one to lead and one to assist.

7 weeks of fun

Each quarter, kids have six weeks of immersion in their clubs to bond with other students and learn deeply about their chosen topic. On the seventh week of the quarter, we gather in our auditorium to showcase student work and to enjoy a fun culminating activity together.

Fun in IHC clubs!

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