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We offer secular, credit-worthy classes for homeschoolers in Indianapolis. We meet each Monday from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM. We offer World History, Biology, and time to socialize with peers in our school day. 

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World History

Utilizing the popular Big History Project curriculum, this course will immerse students into a deep-dive of world history topics. Dynamic classroom activities, including discussion, partner or group projects, and interactive, hands-on experiences will engage and challenge students to become critical thinkers.

  • Two 16-Week Semesters

  • 2 Semester Projects Bring Course Material to Life

  • Independent and Group Work

  • Evidence-Based In-Depth view of Human History


A full High School Biology Curriculum based on the Miller and Levine Biology Series includes a problem-based learning model in which students engage in student-led research projects, authentic case studies and laboratory projects. 



  • Two 16-Week Semesters

  • Engaging In-Person and Online Labs

  • Independent and Group Work

IHC Academy Classes

Per Class, Each Semester

  • 16 Week Classes
  • Evidence Based
  • Meet Mondays 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Our Classes...

We offer one day a week of credit-worthy high school courses, where students will be immersed into rich content and challenged to become critical thinkers. 

We meet Mondays between 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM. We offer a lunch period between classes for students to spend time socializing.

We offer classes taught by teachers who have been chosen for their experience and expertise in the fields in which they’re teaching. 

Our Prerequisites: Students should be in the 9th grade (or advanced 8th grade) at minimum. Courses will require reading at the 9th grade level with the ability to comprehend texts with the support of graphic organizers. Students must also be comfortable reading and writing a one page essay.  Some courses may have more specific pre-requisites. 

Sam A
Rachelle IHC History_edited.png

Biology  with Sam A.

Hello! I am so excited to be teaching Biology at IHCA! As a homeschool alumnus myself, I always wished there were classes like the ones IHCA are offering when I was in High School and I feel so grateful to be able to offer them to kids in my hometown now! I am a Registered Nurse and all around Science nerd with a passion for Science Education & Literacy. I am currently enrolled at Western Governor’s University continuing my Nursing education. I love to help students connect the dots between the concepts they learn in class and the world around them. I have experience teaching both of my children in home as well as classes at IHC. In my spare time I love launching rockets, building websites (like this one!), quilting and my newest hobby; birdwatching! I can’t wait to bring the exciting world of Science to IHCA!

Rachelle B

World History with Rachelle B.

Welcome to IHC Academy, future historians! I am delighted to be offering courses in the social sciences field. As a veteran home educator, I have always explored out-of-the box methods for learning. I have been homeschooling for 15 years, and in that time have taught dozens of co-op classes ranging from preschool art to entrepreneurship. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from IUPUI in History (U.S Concentration) and am currently enrolled in a Master of Arts program in American History from Gettysburg College. My historical interests are in colonial and revolutionary America, history of women and families, and local history. I currently work as a grader through the University of Texas at Austin dual credit program called OnRamps, which allows me to give feedback to high schoolers enrolled in college history courses. I look forward to working with homeschooled students and providing them with a framework that deepens their understanding of the world.

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