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Any more questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

  • Are you a school?
    Not in the traditional sense. We are a community of parents, grandparents, and children that work together to provide support to homeschool families in central Indiana. Our programs are created to enhance (but not replace) the homeschool experience through hands-on learning opportunities. Participating in our co-op does not contribute the 180-day requirement from the Indiana State Department of Education.
  • What is a Cooperative?
    A Cooperative school involves children and families working together to achieve educational and social goals. Parents are required to lead or assist in the classroom each semester and to help with the management and running of the school. This cooperative model also means parents and students have input in what the students learn. Cooperatives are democratically owned by their members, with each member having one vote in electing the board of directors.
  • Who Owns the Co-Op?
    Our school is member-run and member “owned.” Our board is elected from our parent members.
  • Who are you affiliated with?
    We are affiliated with the Indianapolis Council of Preschool Cooperatives as their first Primary School member. We also are affiliated with Parent Cooperative Preschool International — PCPI represents more than 50,000 families and teachers, providing on-going support to families, educators, and social agencies who recognize the value of parents as teachers of their children and the necessity of educating parents to meet the developmental needs of their children.
  • I already homeschool. How will this benefit my family?
    Our goal is to provide opportunities that a homeschooling family cannot easily get at home such as engagement with peers, practice working partner/group settings and group presentation. Students are encouraged but not required to move outside their comfort zone, at their own pace. Our class lessons are designed by home educators who are experienced homeschool parents. The topics that we study can be extended into your own homeschool program. We value outdoor play and will likely spend time most days outdoors. We also organize field trips twice a month on Wednesdays. These are open to all enrolled families who want to enjoy various activities and museums in the area
  • My child has learning difficulties/medical challenges/food allergies/needs extra support. Is this a place for me?
    Our teachers are not trained in special education services. As such, all enrolled students should be able to function in a normal classroom, with typical age level behavior. IHC Leaders are not trained to make beyond average accommodations to help your child succeed. IHC has successfully enrolled students with severe allergies, however our co-op is not an allergen free zone. We make every effort to accommodate each child though. The IHC Board will ensure all club and class leaders are aware of allergies however parents are also encouraged to contact leaders as well. The learning and health concerns of each child are of the highest priority. We want children to feel welcome, safe, and able to just be kids.
  • What are the age ranges of your classes?
    Pre-K: 3-5 years old Early Learners: 6-7 years old Elementary: 8-9 years old Intermediate: 9-10 years old Middle School: 11-14 years old High School (IHC Academy): 8th Grade - 12th Grade
  • When is co-op?
    We offer classes and clubs each Monday from Noon to 3:30. We also often have field trips on Wednesdays (and occasionally other days for very special events).
  • Who leads classes?
    All our classes and clubs are led by co-op member parents. Newer co-op members are not generally asked to lead classes but instead act as assistants or lead small clubs as they gain comfort with the environment and children. All members will be expected to lead a class or club by their second semester at IHC.
  • Do all parents teach classes?
    Yes! All members can expect to lead at least one class or club during the co-op year. We'll find a group you can be comfortable leading at IHC!
  • What if I am uncomfortable teaching?
    If parents aren’t comfortable teaching a larger class, they can lead a smaller club. We’ll help you find a topic and class size that you can feel comfortable leading.
  • How are clubs different than classes?
    Classes are divided by age and offer the children a chance to experience a more typical classroom environment. Clubs are multi-aged and interest based. These allow the children to explore their interests.
  • What kinds of clubs do you offer?
    We offer a new roster of clubs each semester. Some examples: Cooking Filmmaking Chemistry Art Woodworking Board Games Rocketry We also attend Junior Achievement's Biztown and Finance Park yearly, both of which are offered as clubs in the first term of each calendar year.
  • What health precautions do you take?
    IHC follows the CDC color level guidelines and requires masks depending on illness case counts: Orange: KN95 or high quality surgical mask inside, no mask required outside. Yellow: Mask of choice inside, no mask required outside. Green: No mask requirements. We have hand sanitizer available and encourage handwashing before and after class.
  • What safety precautions do you take?
    As a condition of membership, all participating parents are required to pass a background check. Additionally, there are always at least two adults with the children at all times and several members are First Aid certified. We also have Tornado and Fire drills each semester.
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